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Genesis of Lawrence in Kansas – near Kansas City, Topeka, and Overland Park – has the details on the Genesis Neolun Concept which debuted at the New York Auto Show in March 2024.

What is the Genesis Neolun concept?

This massive SUV gets much of its design inspiration from the moon – literally, its name is a combination of the Greek neo for “new” and Latin luna for “moon.” Distinctive exterior details include a disappearing roof rack, adding to its sleek lines The brand’s signature dual-line headlight and taillight designs continue to impress as they stretch across the front and back ends. The cabin is built to dazzle. Swiveling front-row seats encourage effortless conversation with rear-seat passengers. A massive, 24.6-inch center screen displays infotainment center details, and another huge screen that descends from the roof for rear passengers to provide their own entertainment.

The Genesis Neolun Concept is just a glimpse of what’s to come for this groundbreaking, luxury brand. Genesis of Lawrence has a huge inventory of new Genesis vehicles with the bold exteriors, indulgent interiors, and robust powertrains you crave in an upscale vehicle. Browse our entire selection on our website to find the one you want to drive home!


2025 Genesis Magma   coming soon TIMELESS BEAUTY


Following the Reductive Design philosophy, Genesis prioritizes essential elements to achieve elegance and purity through perfect proportions and meticulous details. The Neolun Concept embodies this philosophy with its Midnight Black & Majestic Blue Two-tone color, drawing inspiration from Korea's serene nights. It ensures a bold presence matched with understated sophistication.


Fender Volume highlights its immaculate silhouette. The minimalistic body, with only the most essential elements remaining, further accentuates the seamless blend of panels and creases.

2025 Genesis Magma   coming soon FENDER VOLUME

2025 Genesis Magma   coming soon TWO-LINE LAMPS


Two-line Lamps extend seamlessly from the headlights to the side repeaters and tail lamps, embodying a design philosophy that prioritizes infinite scalability and potential for evolution. The complete lack of parting lines evoke a sense of haute couture craftsmanship.


The interior of the Genesis Neolun Concept is delicately designed to complement the electrification model. Tailored for luxury lifestyles, the design reflects the concept of 'The Beauty of White Space,' drawing inspiration from traditional Korean aesthetics.

2025 Genesis Magma   coming soon THE BEAUTY OF WHITE SPACE

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